Our Famous Wellness in Hotel Dax


Our Famous Wellness

A hot bath to relax the muscles, a warm visit to the sauna to regenerate the physical forces, an icy waterfall that brings the blood in motion or a massage that knocks down all tensions - everything revolves around your well-being in our spa. With gentle care and soothing treatments, metabolism and blood circulation are revitalized, the skin is tightened and wrinkles are smoothed.

Here you are in good hands - the perfect place for a beauty treatment and after a long day in the Mountains.

Note! You have full access to our sauna area with sauna, steam bath and relaxation room. For all other treatments, you are very welcome to make a reservation at the reception. All treatments are to be paid during your stay.


Stadel sauna

As lively and active as the life around Lofer is, the spa area in Hotel Dax is so pleasantly peaceful and relaxing. Let yourself be pampered with relaxing hours and enjoy the many possibilities in our Stadel sauna - body and soul thank you with beauty and joie de vivre.

• Sauna
• Steam bath

Relaxation room

During your visit to our Wellness world, you can make yourself comfortable in the relaxation room. The combination of tranquility, pleasant warmth and a good book will help you escape the stress of everyday life and simply relax. Imagine yourself having an afternoon nap after a long day on the slopes in the perfect warm enviroment.


The Cleopatra bath

Today, modern medicine uses the "Cleopatra bath" as a hydrating, moisturizing and cleansing bath. The milk-oil mixture causes a rapid penetration of the oils by direct application to the skin. The weightless feeling in our soft-pack system leads to deep relaxation.


The Hay flower bath

In the hay bath you lie directly on the watered hay and are then covered with another layer. Thousands of leaflets, flowers and stems are directly on the skin. The mild overheating leads to increased perspiration and increased purification.


The Seaweed bath

Serves for natural purification and thus helps you to improve your skin appearance and glow. With special algae complexes, the basic substance of the body can be thoroughly cleaned. In addition to the cleansing effects, the algae provide the body with minerals, vitamins and trace elements for revitalization and regeneration (especially effective for cellulite treatments). In addition, lactic acids and ureas are removed from the body.


The Mud Bath

The healing powers of nature are most effective through direct contact with the mud. It helps the blood to circulate, which is very effective when you have tensions, rheumatic diseases, sciatic and nerve pain, joint and bone diseases and women's diseases by estrogen-like plant ingredients.



During your wellness stay at Hotel Dax our wellness specialists will tailor the massage treatments to your personal needs and wishes. Your body will be relaxed, the muscles are supplied with blood, tensions and energetic and physical blockages are released.

Partial massage
• Classic massage
Full body massage
• Energy Massage
• Foot reflexology
• Aloe Vera massage


Beauty treatments

Manicure, pedicure, facial and Décolleté cosmetics - Beauty Treatments in the spa hotel in Lofer are soothing, firm the skin and make you look fresher and healthier. Gentle facial massages stimulate the lymphatic vessels of the neck and face and relieve discomfort in headaches or migraines. Just switch off and enjoy your holiday in Austria.